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Crypto Waifu Guide

Table of Contents
  • What is Crypto Waifus?
  • What is $UWU Token?
  • How to Get $UWU
  • How to Mint a Waifu?
What is Crypto Waifus?

Crypto Waifus is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art project and set of mintable anime waifu characters, based on the Binance Smart Chain. Using the Crypto Waifus platform, you can create randomly generated waifu characters of varying rarity, which are provably owned by you. Crypto Waifus uses cutting edge blockchain technology to cryptographically sign ownership of its waifu NFTs.

There will be 255 generations of Crypto Waifu NFTs across time, with varying attributes and features. Generation 1 minting officially began on May 11th 2021.

The Crypto Waifus project has a governance token, which can be used to vote on future improvements to the platform using the DAO paradigm. It is also used to mint Waifu NFTs. Unlike many other NFT platforms, Crypto Waifus has infrastructure in place to adopt completely on-chain governance, so the community can create new worlds and adventures withinin the Crypto Waifus universe.

What is $UWU Token?

The $UWU token is the currency that powers the Crypto Waifus platform.

It has two purposes:

  • It can be used to mint Waifus NFTs. 1 $UWU = 1 Waifu NFT
  • It can be used to vote on and propose changes to the underlying protocol and future generations of waifus

The UWU token is deflationary - meaning that the total supply will decrease over time, as people use it to mint Waifu NFTs. Whenever 1 UWU token is used to mint an NFT, 0.5 UWU is burned and the other 0.5 UWU is sent to the DAO to fund further development.

The UWU token is deflationary to provide an incentive for early investors who plan to hold the token long-term. It also incentivises liquidity providers to hold liquidity in decentralised exchanges.

How to Get $UWU?

If you already have Ethereum - you can bridge some over to the Binance Smart Chain to pay for UWU. The same Metamask address can be used for the Ethereum chain and Binance Smart Chain. Once you have bridged over your Ethereum. Connect to the Binance Smart Chain using Metamask and use PancakeSwap to buy UWU directly after.

If you don't already have Ethereum, you can buy BNB from Binance. You will need BNB Token to trade for the UWU tokens. buy $UWU from PancakeSwap.

How to Mint a Waifu?

Before completing the following steps, make sure you have metamask installed and some $UWU tokens in the wallet.

To mint a Crypto Waifu NFT, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Get Waifu Page
  2. Connect your wallet by clicking the Fox Icon or the Unlock Wallet button. You may also need to click the Change Network button, if your metamask is not connected to the Binance Smart Chain
  3. You will need to approve the spend by pressing the approve button
  4. Approve

  5. Then press the GO button to softmint the Waifu NFT
  6. GO

  7. It may take up to 10 minutes for the blockchain to register the transaction.
  8. Once registered, you can view the Waifu NFT on the Collections Page
  9. To finish creating your Waifu NFT click the Hardmint button.
  10. Hardmint

    Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a Crypto Waifu NFT